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Solicitation can lead to severe penalties, particularly if they involve a minor or the crime is committed somewhere within 1000 feet of a school. Computers have been used increasingly in solicitation and other related crimes, which is why Florida law enforcement has begun cracking down on Internet felonies and misdemeanors using Internet sting operations.

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Internet Solicitation

The Florida legislature has created a new form of laws and punishments for adults who actually meet with minors after a solicitation has transgressed. If an adult travels any distance to meet a minor with the intent of sexual activity, he or she could face a 2nd-degree felony. Punishments for this offense includes up to 15 years in prison and potential legal fees.

Law enforcement has begun impersonating minors, adults offering threesomes or group sexual encounters with their alleged relatives under 18 years of age, or adults supposedly looking for educational or recreational sexual arrangements in order to catch perpetrators who may be looking for illegal sexual encounters with a minor.


During these cases, the issue of entrapment is always raised. Entrapment is a practice law enforcement uses to induce a person to commit a criminal offense the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. Defenses of entrapment have also evolved mainly through case law. However, two competing texts exist to determine whether entrapment has occurred: subjective and objective. The subjective test looks at the defendant’s state of mind. Entrapment exists if the defendant had no “predisposition” to commit the offense. The objective test looks at the government’s conduct. Entrapment exists if the actions of law enforcement would have induced any ordinary law-abiding citizen to commit a crime.

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