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The technological advancements over the last several decades have resulted in a myriad of new sex crimes. One of these modern sex crimes is called sexting. Sexting is common among children and teenagers who use computers, cellphones and other electronic devices in order to send inappropriate or pornographic photographs of themselves to their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and the like. Florida law has deemed this a harmful and illegal practice. Even minors participating in these actions can be charged with a sex crime and face serious penalties and consequences.

If your child has been charged with sexting, you must act quickly to protect your child's rights and their future. Contact an experienced Florida sex crime attorney for more information about this crime and how to navigate your legal circumstances. At Musca Law, we share more than a century of collective legal experience and will fight tirelessly for your protection and uphold your rights.


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Definition of Sexting

Florida State Statute Chapter 847.0141 states that sexting is illegal. Sexting is defined as "using a computer or any other device capable of electronic data transmission or distribution, to transmit, distribute, or possess any photograph or video of any person which depicts nudity." Minors involved in sexting are considered to be breaking the laws of the State of Florida. If arrested for sexting, they will find that they are facing severe legal ramifications.


Penalties for Sexting in the State of Florida

If a minor is convicted of sexting within the state of Florida, he or she will face a wide array of penalties and consequences. The severity of these penalties and consequences will depend whether or not they have been previously convicted of this sex crime.


Penalties for sexting include:
  • First time violations can be punishable with either a $60 fine, or 8 hours of community service.
  • Second violations can be punishable with a misdemeanor of the first degree and include up to 1 year incarceration, and a $1000 fine.
  • Third violations can be punishable with a felony of the third degree, up to 5 years' incarceration, and a $10,000 fine.

These penalties and consequences increase for those felons who continue to repeat their crimes.

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