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According to Florida law, defined in section 800.03, indecent exposure of sexual organs (also known as "flashing") to children or minors is considered a serious sex crime and can carry long-term consequences for the accused. If you are charged for indecency with a child you will most likely be charged for other similar sex crimes. In addition, the transmission of any images of you or by you may result in federal felony charges.

If you or someone you know is facing charges of indecency with a child, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a fully qualified Florida indecent exposure attorney immediately. Musca Law is backed by over 150 collective years of experience and the resources of a large and diverse criminal defense firm.

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Definition of and Penalties for Indecency with a Child

Indecency with a child is the line drawn between the exposure of sexual organs and actual rape which would include any form of sexual contact. Sexual contact would be present if someone made a minor touch their genitals or if the individual touched or tried to touch the genital of the minor.

Under the Florida State Law section 800 statutes, it is unlawful to "indecently expose in front of children, or to engage in sexual contact with children, or make children have sexual contact."

Indecent exposure is defined as:
  • Exposure of the person's anus or any part of the person's genitals, knowing the child is present
  • Causing the child to expose his or her anus or any part of the genitals

Indecency with a child is one of the most severe crimes in the state. It is even more severe than Indecent exposure in public. This crime is considered more severe because it not only includes one charge but brings several other severe charges with itself.


The penalties for indecency with a child may include the following:


  • Jail sentence for up to 15 years
  • Registration as a sex offender for life
  • Counselling sessions
  • Permanent felony record
  • Restricted work opportunities
  • Limited housing opportunities
Without proper representation, you could be facing harsh penalties for indecency with a child.

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