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According to Florida law, victims of any kind of violence can file an injunction for protection or file for a restraining order against the aggressor. These orders are to prevent the accused from coming within 500 feet of the defendant or having any contact with the defendant directly or indirectly. Communication through a third party is also not permitted. If this law is breached, the accused could face severe punishment. Even just trying to send a message via a third party is grounds enough for arrest. In these kinds of criminal cases, the value of a skilled Florida criminal defense attorney cannot be underestimated. To minimize the potential penalties associated with the crime, our team of legal professionals at Musca Law will work tirelessly on your behalf and ensure your rights and best interests are upheld. We are on your side! Let us put more than 150 years of collective experience to work on your case. With free case evaluations and 24/7 availability, there's nothing holding you back from pursuing a satisfactory outcome with the help of Musca Law.

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Definition of Injunctions & Restraining Orders

Under Florida State Law section 800.03 statutes, "Victims of any kind of violence like repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence for protective injunction; dating violence investigations, notice to victims, and reporting; pre-trial release violations can file a restraining order against the aggressor

Florida Law provides protection for victims of:
  • Repeat Violence: This is considered at least two incidents of violence or stalking within 6 months from a non-family member.
  • Dating Violence: This protects a victim who had been dating or was in a romantic relationship when they were subjected to some sort of violence, stalking, false imprisonment or more.
  • Sexual Violence: This protects any victim of sexual violence in Florida.

Violation of injunctions or restraining orders can have legal consequences. You could be arrested for violating injunctions even if you have been wrongly convicted. You could be permanently restrained from having any connection to the other person.

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