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Child molestation is considered an extremely serious crime in the state of Florida. Severe penalties can include prison time and lifetime registrations in both the Florida state Sex Offender Registry and the National Sex Offender Registry. If you have child molestation charges brought against you, and you are convicted, you will likely lose your freedom, and your reputation. Even if you are not guilty or convicted, the claim alone will most likely ruin your reputation and your life.

If you don't have a Florida child molestation lawyer to defend you, you will most likely get the maximum sentence that can be afforded to you. With Musca Law, you benefit from more than 150 years of collective legal experience put to work on your behalf. We can capably guide clients through the circumstances they face and work to obtain the best possible outcome on their behalf.

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Penalties for a Conviction of Child Molestation

If convicted of child molestation in the state of Florida, a person can expect to spend a long time in prison, from a minimum of 25 years up to a maximum life sentence. The Florida child molestation laws are in place to protect children ages 16 and under from being exploited by adults who prey on children for their own deviant sexual needs and wants. Even once those convicted are released from prison, they continue to face extreme and lasting consequences.

Examples of possible consequences are:

  • Your name will be permanently added to the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • You will never be permitted to work unsupervised with children.
  • You will no longer have the right to live and travel wherever you want. Your movements will forever be restricted.
  • Most employers will not hire a convicted child molester, or anyone who is convicted of a sex crime against children. If they do, you cannot under any circumstance work with or around children.
  • You may be required to stay within a certain amount of feet away from children, and this could even include your own children.

If you have been charged with child molestation in the state of Florida, you should immediately contact a child molestation defense lawyer. Failure to do so could have drastic effects on your life.

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