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Sex trafficking is a serious felony offense. Those charged with sex trafficking have allegedly been involved in the transportation of other people for the purpose of illegal sexual activity. Both state and federal law prohibit this form of human trafficking. Anyone who is convicted of this sex crime faces the possibility of life in prison.

If accused of sex trafficking within Florida, you will not only face state prosecution, but federal prosecution as well. In order to minimize the penalties that may occur as a result of these charges, it's important to secure the reliable representation of an experienced Florida sex trafficking lawyer. Musca Law shares more than 150 years of legal experience and can capably represent the rights of those charged with a variety of sex crimes throughout Florida.

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Penalties for Sex Trafficking in Florida

Charges of sex trafficking are considered to be a felony of the first degree, and punishable by up to a 30 year prison term. If the victim of this crime is under the age of 14, the person convicted of sex trafficking will be punished by life in prison. In addition, if this sex crime results in the victim's death, than the person convicted of sex trafficking will be punished by life in prison.

Those convicted of sex trafficking must also register as a sex offender for the remainder of their lives. This registration will impact your relationships, your employment, your academic opportunities, and more. Any changes in residency, jobs, or other life circumstances must be updated in the registry within a period of 48 hours. You may not even be permitted to travel outside the U.S. as a result of your conviction.

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